How To Change A Flat Tire In 8 Simple Steps

When you need to change a flat or damaged tire, be it by the roadside or at home on your driveway, Towing Fountain Valley has 8 simple steps that will make short work of it every time.

1. Preparation
The key to a quick and easy tire change is preparation. If you need to pull off the highway to make the change, pick a safe spot and try to warn other motorists of the hazard. Warning signs, lights and strips are great for this. Also make sure you have the equipment you need (jack, wrench, spare tire) beside the damaged tire before you start.
2. Loosen the Wheel
The first thing you need to do is loosen (not remove) the wheel nuts.
3. Raise the Vehicle
Picking either the allocated notch or a sturdy flat part of your vehicle, use the car jack to elevate your vehicle 3-4 inches off the floor.
4. Detach the Flat Tire
Remove the wheel nuts and detach the flat tire, which should be put straight in your trunk or on the roadside as far away from other traffic as possible.
5. Fit the Spare
Take the spare tire and attach it to the vehicle, screwing the wheel nuts just enough that they won’t fall out.
6. Lower the Vehicle
With the jack, lower the vehicle to the ground once more.
7. Tighten the Wheel
Tighten all wheel nuts until they are firmly secured.
8. After The Event
As with preparation for changing the flat tire, what you do next is vitally important. Gather all of your equipment and flat tire and place it in your trunk, ensuring you don’t leave anything. Then make plans to visit a repair shop or tire specialist to get a new tire and replace the spare you’re driving on.

If you live in or around Fountain Valley, Towing Fountain Valley can do all of this for you. We provide a trustworthy and dependable roadside assistance service designed to get you back on the road for an affordable, and competitive, price. Come to us when you want an expert to take charge.